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The Suitcase

A Woman's Struggle To Save Herself

When home becomes your prison, how do you escape?

What if you had ninety minutes and an old suitcase, what would you pack?

What do we value, what is important to us, what do we need?

On an idyllic summer day as children play in the sprinklers, their lives are about to change as they are taken from the familiarity of home on a journey to safety, to the unknown.

As a family they will lose all they have to begin a new life, whilst facing new challenges and the ever-present spectre of old demons.

This is the story of a woman who escapes with her children. Together they build their own inner fortress to stay strong, facing the constant terror of a life they’re desperate to leave behind.

A woman’s story of survival and determination, of breakdown and break-through, and of those delicious days of sunshine and song.

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