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Writing exercise ... what am I

I know more about what I am than who I am.

I have been undertaking some writing for the soul each day and enjoying the process of writing around the prompts. This writing is just freestyle, in a beautiful journal with a lovely fine point pen that I am rather fond of. Its point and ink flow is quite hypnotic and I love to write with it, I dread the day it runs out of ink. I am also using my beautiful journal, gone are the days when I used exercise books, these days I indulge my self in the beauty of writing.

So the prompt was around exploring What I Am as opposed to the usual self help Who I Am questions. I have spent years trying to work that out and it changes every other day or season.

But writing about What I Am actually provided a level of insight and vulnerability I was not quite prepared for. You see when you write freely things just purge out as you are not censoring the self, not worrying about how it reads or any deeper constructs. I quite enjoyed this reflective piece that I ended up with in this moment so thought I would share. It is an interesting exercise to do :)

What I am

I am the weariness of the giant gum who has held steadfast thru so many seasons in the arid outback.Standing strong, unyielding as my branches grow, reaching outwards.Seeking, searching. I am the branches of the gum that over the years becomes brittle, fragile, as they are battered by the winds of life , knowing they could snap in any storm or fade to ash by the force of fire.

My branches provide shelter, shade, safety from the elements and a quiet comfort to those who sit around me, knowing that my rough bark and strong trunk hides a softness of trust and whisper of secrets.

I am the sea breeze blowing free across the cliff face forever yearning and searching for the place I am meant to be, carrying the voices of the lost souls before me.

I am the brightness of the sunflower, my bright yellow face showing the happiness I feel as I reach towards the sun, yet hiding the struggle it took to get to this point. Knowing the happiness of my yellow face is brief as I return to the ground to shed my being and build the strength to grow again.

I am the suns warmth, the winters solitude, the autumns cleansing and the springs hope.

I am all seasons.

May you take a moment to discover WHAT you are

xx Jan

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