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Today is Tuesday - simple really. Some may call it New Years eve, the day after Monday, the day they go back to work or have their scheduled Drs appointments. Lots of things can happen today but to me, today is Tuesday.

Over the last month I have taken a new approach to life, just acknowledging the day and committing to complete one task on that day. One simple task instead of staring at a very long list of things to do and feeling overwhelmed and instead doing nothing at all. I have always been a great list planner , maybe that's the problem I am a planner or thinker less so much of a do - er .

My new approach to life started off after I read a social media post from the common sense Craig Harper. At the beginning of December in the lead up to Christmas / holidays/ work deadlines and a long list of other shit to get done, he posted something quite simple and profound to me. Don't think of it as Christmas Day - it is just a Wednesday . BRILLIANT - it was indeed just a Wednesday. A Wednesday to spend with family , now I can also do that on a Saturday or a Tuesday , in fact any day I wish so it was after all just another day, no stress no pressure. With this simple approach to a hyped up day , I had the most chilled Christmas for a very long time . A pleasant Wednesday in fact.

From the month of December I then started to break my days up into doing one positive task a day, something I either really needed to do or wanted to do, or a day to try something new. Another day would be for pure indulgence and pleasure which I have discovered can come in many forms and some were just guilt free rest days . Soon I discovered I was beginning to achieve a whole lot of stuff I had been putting off , I felt lighter and much less stressed . They were just days that was all, not deadlines, not commitments, just glorious days to do and be. Days to appreciate a blue sky, a flowering plant, the dirt in my nails, magical words from some random thing I would be writing, days of cooking and eating, days of wrapping myself in a blanket and napping in the afternoon sun, Tuesday, Friday , Sunday who cares they are just days.

I started to write away my days in a journal . I cleaned out cupboards and the garage , went to the rubbish tip to purge away all the crap I had accumulated . I redesigned the garden, talked to my plants, attacked the weeds with vigour , painted faded and neglected furniture. I found things I'd lost tucked away in boxes, I read books, I got my life in order, made appointments I had been neglecting . Every day had a purpose. I dismantled all the vision boards I had made in previous years to herald in the new me, new year crap I would tell myself, with little conviction. Really how on earth can you plan for a year ahead ?

2019 has taught me that life is full of curve balls ,what I planned and dreamed of in February changed in June. Life is a variable , months go by so quick, we can't control the years , appreciating days is a much better option.

May you find pleasure in your days .


I shall call this art work "2019 Headfuck" - a year in review through art

As mentioned in a previous post I wanted to paint the chaos of 2019 away. No lines, no structure , no plan, no artistic talent , but boy it was fun. A strange positive - I painted in bright colours , the dark painting I envisaged I'd paint didn't happen. I have the perfect place for this art work on my wall.

Today is Tuesday - Tuesday I paint.

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