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Time Technology winter Days and Clouds

Update your phone they said, its easy.......

Apparently you just press this button and then a cloud does all the work. Well that is not quite true. It's similar to  when my mother told me  " if I ate all my carrots I wouldn't need to wear glasses" . My mother convinced me of this with the evidence that no one  had ever seen a rabbit wear glasses . I diligently ate all my carrots and  yet  here I am , I  now wear glasses - just like I pressed a button and the cloud didn't quite do what I needed.

It was meant to be a simple process and I am absolutely petrified of losing all my information. sadly a majority of my life and brain matter is in my phone. Yes I know tut , tut , tut , but in this day and age it seriously is my second brain. I have so many passwords and I forget them all and mix them up. My children constantly laugh at me for my high security processes and PIN numbers , but they serve a purpose UNTIL you have to update your phone.

It all started because I am now so used to fingerprint entry, it wasn't working on my phone  and the total inconvenience of having to waste time punching in another password that I had to remember  was too much. I did at one point realise what a shallow person I was and this really was a first world problem as they so disparagingly say ,but in that moment it was to me a problem. I have an app for everything, walking, health, drs, writing, notes, reminders , home and work, not to mention hundreds of photos and a catalogue of music . Everyone of these damn things has a password and they live in a cloud - this freakin cloud I tell you !! The five minute job ended up being six hours and counting , leading me down a rabbit warren of misery. After transferring everything from this magic cloud  I discovered I  was not receiving messages , this really sets my anxiety off . I could hear a message but couldn't read it. "What could it be" "Are my children safe "  "What if it's something important "  You get the drift?   I often wonder what we did when these bloody things weren't invented. I use to say to my kids if your not home by tea time I'll call the police - I could cope much better  then :) I just trusted the universe. 

I soon discovered another problem  when the cloud tried to log  into my email account, I did  wonder why I seemed to not be receiving  as many emails lately. With my foggy brain I just assumed I had sorted and compacted my life and emails  into place, I had even congratulated myself on being organised with emails, I did go on an unsubscribe frenzy awhile ago, maybe I pressed to many buttons. The busy little cloud  then made friends with  my new phone and sent me to what I was blissfully unaware of  my non  working email ,904emails later- whoops , book orders, important meeting notes, zoom meeting requests , some unpaid bills now due - they had all slipped by. So now I had to fix this problem - do you see the nightmare I had created from a five minute job. How my computer is in one piece I do not know. One task led to another and the grand plan of a restful weekend has been spent on tech stuff. 

I have also discovered the  bluetooth thing has to be reconfigured in my car - no idea how , I still have no idea where my email account is for easy access . But at least I have face recognition now to access my phone  and don't have to waste time on buttons. (There goes the thought of ever having a face lift :)  ) 

Whilst going down the rabbit hole of technology I checked over my writers pages and noticed how long it is since I wrote anything. Where does time go ? I really seem to have gone off with Alice in Wonderland lately, doing so much but achieving so little. Despite Covid, work for me has been super busy , I still am selling books  in the meantime and trying hard to get better at it. Whilst down the rabbit hole I sorted out Goodreads and placed my book on that, so that is a huge win for me. The little book store that was selling my book has sold out , and I have a few more orders via the 904 emails I hadn't opened.- apologies to those people :(

And so  winter is now upon us and this is usually my time to rest and recuperate from life, my favourite hibernation time , my writing time. Strangely it hasn't happened that way I've been busy  doing nothing as they say and it took a phone upgrade, a cloud of magical information and  my own use of time to realise that I possibly  have been living in my own little cloud of fluffing around for quite awhile , and I kinda like it.

May you never need a phone upgrade 

xx Jan

The Suitcase - if you have read my book I would love it if you could leave a review on Goodreads, amazon or wherever else you may have purchased my book . It would be truly appreciated :)

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