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Themes of life - from seasons to football and everything in-between

Todays writing prompt is a real challenge. When thinking of the themes in my life do I think of the constants ? Do I consider the threads that have woven their way throughout the years. My life has been one of constant change and adaption, to survive that is what is needed. Whilst I am a person who craves stability having the ability to adjust to the many themes and personas you need to be in this life is a challenge.

The themes I think of first are emotional themes , I sort of move with the seasons. From the exuberant joy and delight of spring to the pondering and reflection of autumn, the hibernation and self indulgence of winter days to the loneliness and agitation of summer. Each season brings it's constant themes and moods. At times they may be interchangeable but these are usually the stock standard themes and threads of my life.

Spring blooms the source of joy and hope , rugged up for the solitude of long winter walks and the beauty of Autumn invokes change.

Other themes I may flirt with are those of self .

From being a really focussed ,super organised, ambitious and driven worker to then thinking stuff it I just want to live a laid back hippy lifestyle. I oscillate between wanting to save the world to being overwhelmed by it all and then retreat away as it becomes to much. If I had the energy I would be an activist , I have also considered returning to study, this is usually in my change the world phase or theme of life. But then the overriding theme that runs throughout my life is my lack of ability to emotionally deal with the stupid in the world so that negates those grand ideas.

If I really had to think of the one constant, never changing, always there like day and night constant theme in my life it would be my enduring love of the Hawthorn football club. Non footy people wouldn't get it - but they have been my longest consistent love affair and relationship of my life for over 49 years. When I have had nothing else there was always Hawthorn, in the depths of despair there was always Hawthorn, when I felt lost and needed to believe in something it was always Hawthorn. Some of my happiest days have been because of Hawthorn and through Hawthorns crap years I was happy to stand by their side as we indulged in our shit times together, believing that better days would come. And believe me they did. Hawthorn have inspired a family tradition, once my kids and grand kids came along it formed part of our tribe structure. It became a constant theme in all our lives, a thread that hold us all together.

Their motto is also a theme to live a good life " Spectemur Agenda" - let us be known by our actions.

I have to say I am learning a new theme - commitment to these writing prompts :) Self discipline is not usually a theme I like to run with , I am easily distracted by clouds, dogs, nice views and afternoon naps. :). Some would call that theme laziness I call it retirement :)



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