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Nobody told us there'd be days like these....strange days indeed

or so the song goes by the late John Lennon .

What an interesting time it is for us all to navigate our way through. It really hit home to me in a strange way this morning. Whilst practicing social distancing I was delivering a copy of my book The Suitcase to a dear friend. We desperately wanted to hug each other as we had not seen each other for awhile. We stood several metres apart as I left the book for her near her doorstep, we had so much to catch up on, we usually share a big squeezey hug but we just looked at each other confused fighting a natural instinct to reach out . I felt rather sad. I realised how much I am missing human connection like a coffee catch up with friends, a kiss and cuddle from my grandchildren or a casual hang out with my family. Things we take for granted everyday.

Meanwhile I have been busy delivering my book in the same manner , sanitiser, clean packaging, door knocks and drop offs , no chit chat, no warm conversation, no hugs and laughs. I have been receiving some lovely messages from readers and that has kept me going. The first print run of The Suitcase sold out rather quickly as I adjusted to distribution challenges. I have now received the next print run and it is at least giving me something to focus on.

I have been in a form of isolation for a few weeks now and at first it was great fun as I found that elusive lady time to do so many chores I had put off. The drawers were tidied, emptied and culled. The garden was weeded within an inch of its life, trees pruned and plants planted for the new season. I culled and shredded a mound of paperwork that I had seemed to gather over the years including 4 years of drafts, notes and scribble relating to the book. I did all my personal filing and book keeping with the skill of an executive assistant and I culled and culled some of the amazing "crap" that I have kept for no reason at all. ( hello 2 mismatched polly pocket shoes ) So now I am incredibly organised and I have time on my hands. I have mastered the art of napping and watching TV , reading a book sends me into super nap mode as my eyes get heavier and heavier. I am learning to just be in the moment with no pressure to do or be. I fear I may have taken to this new state of being a bit to well :)

Sometimes the universe gives us what we need not what we want.

So I have learnt some new skills mainly around how to sell or promote my book in these changing times. I must admit I am not really good at it, selling myself is not my strongest point . I have learnt what a URL is - who knew it was so important yet I am still unable to master this talent without lots of scribbled codes coming up "sigh " . I have happily mailed out so many books and signed away, I sort of like the personal touch and I get to chat at 2 metres away to the post office lady . Even thou The Suitcase is available via Amazon and Book depository ( I'd send the links but don't know how ) I have been happy to do it my way , it is also a bit more cost effective for the reader. Please feel free to share my Writer facebook page ( Jann Daniels - writer ) with friends or people who you think may be interested in my story and they can PM for a copy of the book which I am happy to sign and post - cost $32 includes postage and handling, I am happy to deliver locally around Geelong - socially distancing of course.

If you have any enquiries email or contact me via Facebook Jann Daniels - writer. I also have my web site in this socially disconnected world lets keep digitally connected for now until we can once again hug each other.

some of the great reviews thank you readers :)

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