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Mindfulness - being in the now

Little dots, little lines, round and round in circles, no structure , no plan , no idea. Could be a metaphor for life really . I have found a certain peace doing these mandalas and I can really lose time just being in the moment.I've never really been one to sit still always looking at doing something, always having a project on the go or things to be done on my never ending to do lists. Lately I have flipped the script and decided to just be. Sometimes life makes this happen so we have no choice but other times it is about making the time, finding the time and losing yourself in that moment.

If we learn from our indigenous cultures they spend a great deal of their time painting, their dot paintings are in fact an early model mindfulness lesson that tell a story, make a connection. We could do well to listen to the lessons of our oldest culture and learn this ancient art of being.

Letting go and not following a process is the challenge, the control freak in me is really getting a work out these days. Yet there is something so simple and freeing of just being in the hypnotic state of mandala creation, there are no rules, it is what is .

May you find simplicity in your days and join the dots of life .

xx Jan

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