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Love, debauchery, gluttony and delete,

Todays writing prompt - If you had twenty minutes left to live, how would YOU spend that time?

This writing prompt is an interesting thought and one which caused me much amusement and some interesting perspectives.

What an emotional question and yet one which really gave me some solid clues on not only how I want to go out but the pleasure it would give me if I had the luxury of such a choice.

My initial response was I would want to spend every last second with my children and grandchildren but after much consideration and thought I have decided that is not my choice. On reflection my children and grandchildren already know how much I love and adore them, so there is no real words that would need to be said. I have left all my "upon my death" information already to go so there is nothing they need to do. I really could not bare to spend my last minutes looking at their faces and I would then fight every inch of my last breath to stay with them, so that in effect would be a painful death. I would then spend many days or years in some sort of purgatory thinking of them and their sad faces , so no I could not do that. I would want to leave this world only knowing their joyous faces.

I know I would spend at least five minutes of that time deleting stuff off my computer and burning a few journals.There are some secrets and thoughts I want to take to the grave - believe me - so I would crack a red Bundy and have a quick bonfire. I may or may not feel the need to cackle like a mad witch, I am pretty sure this would delight me so I would .No need to worry about a mental health team paying me a visit :) :)

I did think of organising a seriously hot male escort but the logistics and effort involved would require more than twenty minutes as would the bang I would require for the bucks,( pun intended ) much more than twenty minutes worth. This thought gave me much amusement :) not to mention a side project of who would be on my to do list :) anyway I digressed................

What then would I do ? I would most definitely be wearing my most comfortable trackies and T shirt ( no bra required ), crack some cans of Bundy Red and make myself the most delicious , decadent , unforgiving bowl of nachos with extra cheese. The pleasure in knowing I could eat them without any ramifications of my stomach tearing itself apart or an attack on my body by my immune system would be bliss. No need to worry about the fallout to come , just pure gluttony .The next of the deadly sins I would have a quick crack at would then be sloth , I would sit myself on my comfy chair and put on my favourite playlist, what a way to go.

The last 2 minutes and 59 seconds of my life I would ensure that Mike Oldfields Arrival would be playing on my playlist .I have always felt that song would be the one to guide me home . In front of me I would have a picture of my beloved cliffs and then close my eyes and happily wait to meet my Evie girl at the rainbow bridge, knowing that I had lived a blessed life and that I have had everything I ever wanted.

What would YOU spend your last moments doing ? it really is an interesting question and it made me think at the end of it all the #thingswevalue are the simplest pleasures.

Also if ever you get a chance listen to Arrival by Mike Oldfield - close your eyes and just be.



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