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Covid, chaos, isolation and timing, in between a book arrives .

Well they say that timing is everything. I have been planning the launch of my book The Suitcase now for awhile. Imagining how it would sit so pretty on the table, how all those who have a part in the story would be there to celebrate and then the relief that is was all finally done.

Cheers to that :)

However life is just not like that sometimes and as I have learnt over the years we have to adapt to the circumstances. Today two big boxes of my book arrived via the post. I secretly wanted to say to the delivery man "they are my books in there" but I didn't, I just had this goofy smile on my face.I couldn't wait to open a box and just see them all.

Due to the Covid virus and all the chaos that ensues I have decided to cancel the official party launch gathering. It is such a time of chaos and concern for everyone and that in itself is sending me twitchy.I have no problem with self isolation I can amuse myself for days on end as long as I have music, a pen and paper and my garden. I wonder if we all self isolated would we then begin to find a wonderful slowness in our lives? Would we spend time to read a book, clean out our cupboards, bake delicious meals, talk to each other, play card games, appreciate what we have in front of us? Maybe this is the rebalance we all needed but just did not know it, although I suspect some of us did.

So the launch of The Suitcase will be take place online, what that looks like Im not quite sure. I am learning things everyday and trying to work out the best option for readers. My time in self imposed isolation will allow me to learn how to do all this stuff like add in Links and URLs and all that quaffle. In the meantime The Suitcase is available via my website you can follow details on my Facebook page Jann Daniels - writer or email me at and I can arrange delivery

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