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(n.) a homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was; the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places of your past.


What risk do I want to take

So that would have to be todays writing prompt to one of the most risk averse people around, but it is a good question thou, so time to...

Learning to be Unbusy

I have been practicing really hard to stop watching the clock. I never realised just how time management focussed I have spent the last...

A Sink Full of Bubbles - reflection

I wrote this piece in the September of 2016 , one of the many scraps of writing I had at the time that would eventually become my book...

A new year diary - ever the optimist

It caught my eye in the local newsagent - the beautiful soft leather diary 2022 stamped in gold across the top. It is one of my many...

Where the wild things were

In creating the new me I discovered I kind of liked the old one - it was safer . Like most people I started the year off with new goals,...

Feel the fear and do it anyway ..

That is what all the new age , self help gurus would tell us . Easier said than done . However it is this years new challenge as I line...

Open roads - fast cars, roadside cafes

I've been up for hours , since 1.38 a.m to be precise. It is strange the thoughts you have in the midnight hours. For some reason I also...

Unpacking the suitcase -

It seems time to think can lead me down one of two paths - filling the emotional suitcase or emptying the baggage. It really is the...

Time Technology winter Days and Clouds

Update your phone they said, its easy....... Apparently you just press this button and then a cloud does all the work. Well that is not...


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The suitcase

One woman's  struggle to save herself.
If you had  to escape and have ninety minutes, 3 children and an old suitcase  what would you pack ? 
What do you value ? 
Is it sentiment or practicality that takes over?
What could you fit into The Suitcase.



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